Oceans Turn Red was founded in 2013 with a setup of two guitarists, a bassist, a drummer and a vocalist. After a lot of lineup changes, we ended up with four members. We play a mix of Deathcore and Death metal with the occasional metalcore influence. Most of us are fans of bands like Thy Art is Murder, Whitechapel, Infant Annihilator, Carnifex, Macabre and Suicide Silence. Our lyrics are filled with themes like corruption, terrorism, religion, depression, etc. Summarized: "the fuck-ups of society!". 

See you in the moshpit!

Dennis – vocals


Martijn – Guitar

Photo - Martijn

Arjaan – Bass

photo - Arjaan bass

Douwe – Drums



Band photo’s
As preparation for our upcomming release we shot some nice promo photo’s. Check them out below!